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Gabrielle Marvin, President and founder of RGB has announced that on December 5, 2011 RGB will begin providing to all present and potential clients a FREE SEO REPORT. This report will evaluate their website visibility in the search engines based on customers top 20 keywords. SEO service has been provided in the past by our affiliate companies, but we want to provide this service for the best possible price.

Gabrielle Marvin stated,” When RGB builds a website for our clients we make it as SEO compliant as possible from the very start, but that is not always enough. Living the life of the World Wide Web everyone needs to know what they can do to not only promote their website but make it even better… to be more search engine friendly and in turn becoming more visible on page one for the top search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo”.

This is what has prompted RGB to offer this FREE SEO service for a limited time to any client or potential client even if RGB did not build the original web site. Included in this FREE SEO Report will be the information to learn how your website is ranking against your completion. In addition we will identify your opportunities for better visibility. With this FREE SEO REPORT from RGB Internet Systems, inc.

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