1. RGB Team Portraits, Group & Action Shots
Photographer: Rael Aguilar Photography, taken 2016
Licensed by Rael Aguilar Photography LLC for commercial use – http://raelphoto.com

2. Flag
Pixabay – https://pixabay.com/en/american-flag-american-flag-waving-1208660/
Licensed by Creative Commons – Public Domain

2. Hands waving American flags
123rf – http://www.123rf.com/photo_48071392_american-flags-patriots-of-america-fans-at-the-concert-people-waved-american-flags-fans
Copyright: denisfilm / 123RF Stock Photo

3. Does My Website Need a Blog?
123rf – http://www.123rf.com/search.php?word=desk+grAPHICS&start=200&t_word=&t_lang=en&imgtype=0&oriSearch=desk%20grAHICS&searchopts=&itemsperpage=100&sti=mzdyzwwu2cfhk9w8za|&mediapopup=33429450
Copyright: Davidarts / 123RF Stock Photo

4. Time to switch to HTTPS?
123rf – http://www.123rf.com/search.php?word=secure+website&start=100&t_word=&t_lang=en&orderby=0&imgtype=&searchopts=&itemsperpage=100&sti=n8m1u0aifscvofi9dh|&mediapopup=22344291
Copyright: Maxkabakov 123RF Stock Photo

5. Icons on Custom Web Development Process Image
Clipboard IconLicence 
Tablet IconLicence
Laptop Icon – Licence: Free for commercial use
Checkbox Icon – Licence: Free for commercial use
Wrench & Cog IconLicence
Arrow Icon – Licence: Free for commercial use

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