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5 Essential Achievements for your Florida Business Website

5 Essential Achievements for your Florida Business Website | RGB Internet Systems Florida Website Design Company

1. Solid Branding Application

One of the first steps to Florida Business Website success is taking the time to understand your branding strategy. Know what your company stands for, understand your core values, and reflect those in every aspect of your website design. From content and images to logo and color, keep your brand consistent across your entire site, and be sure to spread that branding across your social media and anywhere else your company is present online.

2. Modern Website Design

In a similar vein to branding, a new, modern website tells your visitors one very important thing at first look: you are open for business. A modern, up-to-date website also provides security, allowing your customers to confidently fill out personal information when filling out contact forms, signing up for newsletters or purchasing products.

Additionally, Google now employs mobile-first indexing. If your website was not built with mobile responsive design you could be dropping search engine rank right now.

3. Speak to Your Ideal Customer

We spend a lot of our time thinking about the products and services we offer, but how much time do we spend addressing those we want to sell to and service? Here in Florida our websites often need to speak with many types of customers:

  • Individuals (homeowners, shoppers, etc.)
  • Groups (home owner’s associations, vacationers, snowbirds)
  • Business Owners
  • Families
  • Students

Know your customer, and address them directly by speaking about the products/services that relate to them and their unique expectations.

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4. Search Engine Optimization

Every page of your website needs to be SEO optimized for the right keyword phrase determined through keyword research. This includes reviewing your website’s Google Analytics data, as well as additional search research, and even scoping out the competition. Once your keywords have been determined they should be applied within your headers, SEO titles, meta descriptions, image alt-text, as well as your site content.

Ongoing review, adjustment, and content creation are also key components to SEO Success for your Florida Business Website.

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5. Functionality

A website that functions properly has the best opportunity to turn website visitors into customers. Achieving website functionality is crucial to your online business success. It is a large umbrella under which many aspects of web design and development fall.

  • Fast Site Load Speed
  • Successful Link Building On and Off Site
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Webforms that Work

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