What’s Your Vibe?

Thank you Google. In a recent Partners live stream we were reminded to keep in touch with our Vibe or message we share with our online visitors, fans, customers and alike. How you reply to a negative review is just as important to receive positive reviews for your business. Don’t be afraid to share! Make your company culture transparent to your visitors. Let them know who you are and how you work. Cultivate new and solid business relationships by sending a message of respect, responsibility and commitment to your products and services!

Have a great day! Gab & RGB Team

Google Plus a Must!

Google is placing great importance on their Google+ program.  Google Places for Business gives you access to free tools that help your business get online, be found on Google Search and Maps and get closer to your customers. It’s the easiest way to manage your business across Google and it’s free.

It’s not enough to simply set up an account… You need to keep your information updated and contribute with blogs, upload photos, video or have your customers submit reviews. For more information visit Google+ or contact RGB team web.

Google Tricks & Pastrami Dans

Google Tricks & Pastrami Dans

RGB is rolling out some new landing pages for our client Mark Forester owner of The Pool Doctor, pool cleaning and supplies of Cape Coral and Fort Myers. During our meeting we attempted to claim his old Google Places listing in order to update the new information. Mark did not know his Google log in information so we set out to contact Google for support. Google has strict privacy policies, but they are after all human too… and after 30 minutes of guessing games with tricky and helpful hints by Google representative we were able to recover the email used to in his account and begin the process of resetting a new password. Sooo THANKS GOOGLE! Read More »

Web Design News for Naples, Florida

How can anyone keep up with news and what’s new regarding web design? Whether it’s Naples, Florida or Naples, Italy It seems impossible to keep up with all the latest trends, software, social media and devices for the web. Our clients always ask… “How do you keep up with what’s new?”  Our honest answer is that it kind of just happens. RGB team web is online everyday building new websites,managing new web services and social media pages. In addition our clients help us! They contribute all sorts of interesting information and resources they use in their business.  One of our clients recommended a password saving program a couple of years ago and Wham O, it’s perfect for us!

We try to do the same for our clients recommending new and cool things we find on our RGB Facebook page. That’s where you will find out what’s going on in our world, and in general our company. So if you hear of something new feel free to run it by us. Who knows how many people and businesses you will help out in the process.

We’re Impressed!

RGB team wants to recognize our customers who embrace their role as ‘a blogger’ on their website. We’re Impressed!

No one knows their business like you do, so take the steps to become an authority “In Google Eyes” within you industry. Writing regularly is a great way to contribute to the World Wide Web. Once you get started you will see how easy it is to share valuable ideas, tools, resources or tips for your visitors or customers. It will pay big dividends with your website content. To take it a step further RGB team can connect your Google+ profile with your website Authorship, so you can receive the direct credit for your contributions.

We are pleased because for the first time ever we are seeing a large jump in the number of business owners committing time to write! ! Some are truly amazed how easy it gets and how it can offer them a moment to reflect on an important issue or interesting post about their industry.

Way to go and keep up the good work!