Having trouble with blog topic ideas?

Does the idea of creating interesting topics for your website blog seem daunting?

If so, try this tip. Your customers are your most natural source of ideas! You solve their problems every day. Use a question your customer asks as one of your topic titles. Then respond in your text area. Your knowledge is needed. When you answer a question one of your customers has it can be helpful to others.

Hope this helps!

Just another friendly reminder

Hi Everyone,

Use the month of June to update some of your old website content or add an extra blog or article this month.

Those of you who have portfolio galleries make sure your most recent work is posted! Try not to rely on social media too much. Keep an eye on your own “store front” – Social media creates hype, but your personal or business website can make a difference between loosing an opportunity or closing a lead 🙂

This can pay good dividends and help your site index for new content and result in a spike of your website visitor traffic.

Have a good day!

Maintenance for your website starts with Analytics Reports

So you just launched your website and you want to keep it up to date. Not only the content but also expand to new markets. Using Analytics can help guide you on what areas of your website need maintenance. If you see in your reports that a lot of your visitors are going to your pricing page then take a good look at it and perform some maintenance.

The approach to properly analyzing website traffic statistics requires a focus on the niche numbers! Even the big numbers can be broken down into identified niche users. This is very important to pay attention to because it allows you to tap many smaller groups of leads/customers that are easier to attain and that add up over a quick period of time! It can clearly help you find pockets of untapped markets and customers.

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TGIF! Web Designers

We share another interesting week in the web design industry. This week many topics were discussed with RGB clients and new RGB consultations. Much of it related to SEM marketing and the need to better measure the ROI for Internet Marketing costs.

Much of the natural page rankings for your website are the result of you updating your site regularly and, like your business, you pay attention to!! Watch out for the fast talk of SEO and SEM marketers. If you can’t understand the plan then you are subject to disappointment.

In addition and most important, it does not matter how much traffic is driven to your website if your website fall short of visitor expectations!

Let’s face it. Count how many websites you BOUNCE out of seconds after you arrive. How does your website measure up? Give your website the attention it deserves and you will be glad you did!!

Don’t let technology get in the way of your web sales marketing

Many of the web consultations we provide are for business owners who are ‘stuck’ or in a compromising position with their unfinished website project. One of the most common reasons is that the sole programmer has moved on or the company contracted is unable to complete the project. Poor support during a website project can also be a contributing factor to the status.
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Why Google Adwords is a good idea

Using Googles Adwords program is a great way to give your business a boost for 2013. Google has been providing businesses with cost effective marketing tools for years. Adwords advertising programs are one of the best. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You can track your results
  • You can target niche markets by keyword or geographic location
  • You can set your own budget
  • Your ads are approved within 24 hours, so you can get started immediately!

If you are not sure if Google Adwords are for you then contact us. RGB is approved by Google as a Google Engage Agency. We can help you get started with your Adwords account today!