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Can Google Posts help your local business?

Google Post: Local Business Owners Need to Know | RGB Internet Systems Inc.

Google’s latest feature has everyone here at RGB pretty excited. Posting on Google gives you the opportunity to create posts for your Google Business Listing. These posts are displayed within your listing or on Google Maps whenever someone searches for your company name. Now, if someone is searching for your company they can see content created by you before they even visit your website!

Posts offer you a new way to engage your audience and provide current information. Here’s just some of the ways you can use Posts on Google for your local business:

  • Highlight upcoming events
  • Feature your top products
  • Announce sales and promotions
  • Share company & industry news

What to know about Google Posts

Interested in starting Posts on Google? Here’s what you should know:

Post Size

Posts need to be between 100-300 words. Note that only the first 100 words will be visible on the search page, so make them count!


Posts let you add a button to your posts with a customized url. Currently, Google allows you to choose from the following buttons:

  • Learn more
  • Reserve
  • Sign up
  • Buy
  • Get offer

Adding pictures to your posts

All pictures should be in a square format and no smaller than 250×250 pixels. Images should be center-weighted to avoid automatic cropping issues.

Update (7/28/2017): It looks like Google Posts have changed the image formatting. Images now need to be a rectangle.

Posts have a limited shelf life

Posts are only live for 7 days. Which means post often. The exception to this rule is the event post, which will remain up until your event has ended.

How to create Google Posts

Ready to get started with Google Posts for your local business?