Why get a Google 360 Business Tour?

Why get a Google 360 Business Tour?

To show your uniqueness and engage your potential customers! RGB just had our Google 360 tour completed and uploaded to our business listing. A Google 360 tour is powered by Google Street View software and can only be performed by a certified Google 360 photographer or agency. Use your 360 to convey many things about your business. Help people understand and get comfortable with your professional office, store & merchandise, facility, restaurant, showroom or school. The Google 360 certified business tour can be used on your website, uploaded to your Google places and much more. It is touch enabled and viewable on mobile devices.

Give your customers a feel for your business today. Let RGB help you get started

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What’s Your Vibe?

Thank you Google. In a recent Partners live stream we were reminded to keep in touch with our Vibe or message we share with our online visitors, fans, customers and alike. How you reply to a negative review is just as important to receive positive reviews for your business. Don’t be afraid to share! Make your company culture transparent to your visitors. Let them know who you are and how you work. Cultivate new and solid business relationships by sending a message of respect, responsibility and commitment to your products and services!

Have a great day! Gab & RGB Team

Remeber Our Heros

Today begins our Memorial Day weekend. A time to honor men and women who have died serving our country The United States of America. Everyone celebrates differently, but one common thread is that Memorial Day carries with it the official kick off of our summer season. Gardens will be planted with fresh summer flowers in the north while the trees begin to bloom with new leaves and flowering buds. In the southern states there will be marching bands and the beaches will be busy with locals and tourists. Generally friends and families will celebrate with a backyard barbeque. Dinners of hamburgers, hot dogs on the grill with watermelon and corn on the cob are typical meals of Americans. Another activity that takes place and my personal favorite…. Fire Works all weekend long, both armature and professional displays. Military cemeteries will have honorary services. If you have never been to a military cemetery try to visit on this Memorial Weekend. No matter where you are or what you are doing take a moment to pray, honor or remember those we lost and those who are currently serving our country. HAVE A FUN MEMORIAL WEEKEND!