Not always safe to save passwords in your web browser

For convenience many of us in the past have ‘saved your password’ in your Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox web browser. While it is convenient it can pose a significant security risk to you. Especially if you are not prone to keep your anti malware and other antivirus programs updated.

It is very important to keep your browser free of unnecessary add-ons and to keep them updated. If you are accessing your website via FTP certainly saving your password on your web browser is a big no no!

Any important passwords should be changed at least once per month.

Have you tried Google AdWords?

If you have never tried or have been unsuccessful with Google AdWords it may be time for you to reconsider.

Google has done a great job continuing to bring the most relevant results to on-line searchers. Google AdWords can boost your traffic if you start with a well thought out plan. Your marketing dollars need to work for you, so just creating any old ad with lots of keywords is not going to get you the results you want and can even cost you more than others.

By taking extra time to think about your ad strategy you can help turn impressions into clicks and in turn with a great website, can lead to more sales! Google is offering incentives and free ad dollars. Now is the time to give it a try or to rethink your strategy.

Contact RGB today and for a $25 Google AdWords budget we can provide you with a $100 free coupon towards your AdWords account. This is a great way to try AdWords.

The rule… Seek a high quality score – 1) Appropriate Keywords 2) Create accurate ad relevance based on the keywords and 3) lead your customers to a professional and accurate landing page of website. Your website is the cover of your business. Make it well designed, interesting, professional and you will see an increase in calls, sales or leads.