We build websites that perform across all viewing platforms.

Responsive web design with RGB means that your website’s design and content will remain cohesive no matter what device it is viewed on. Our websites succeed because we believe in the power of great design to present information to the viewers that is effectual and visually appealing.  Responsive web design lets your visitors enjoy their experience. Desktop, mobile, or tablet, your new website is guaranteed to look it’s best!

Advantages to Responsive Web Design: SEO Friendly, Cost Effective, Google Recommends It | RGB Internet Systems, Inc.

Responsive Web Design:

  • Automatically re-formats layouts to mobile screen sizes.
  • Won’t make you sacrifice content for mobile viewing.
  • Applies CSS to resize, hide, or move content.
  • Saves money spent on building a mobile website.
  • Provides a great user experience.
  • Is loved by search engines like Google.
  • Can help improve SEO for your domain.

Responsive Web Design | RGB Web Design

Responsive Web Design is included with all RGB websites. We want your website to look it’s best on all desktop, tablet & mobile devices!

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Our responsive web design process

Responsive web design with RGB includes the flexibility to optimize your website for your mobile viewer market with one website. We include responsive design in all of our web builds that are tailored to your product, service or message.


During our consultations we listen to your goals and objectives and evaluate your immediate circumstances. Next we develop an effective and tailored program for you, both short and longer-term. We will establish a general budget for services and set scheduling milestone dates.

Responsive Web Design & Development

As we begin building your new website we will address any concerns and requirements involved with websites that function across varing screen sizes. A few of those things include:

  • Mobile website speed
  • Image size optimization
  • User experience on mobile sites
  • Exceptions and alternatives

Website Launch

Prior to the website launch you will be able to view and test the website on mobile devices. RGB will perform quality checks at all stages. This helps to ensure that your new site launches looking it’s best.

All RGB Websites include

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Search friendly urls
  • Google Business Account Setup
  • Great design by passionate designers
RGB Mobile Site Certified Team Member Justine Lavoie | RGB Internet Systems. Inc.
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