Engaging your Target Audience is our marketing goal

Web marketing and quality SEO go hand in hand with every website! Discovering the right marketing medium maximizes the chances of reaching your optimal target audience.

SEO* plays a key role in the ranking of your website, and we start keyword planning as we build your site. After the website is launched we begin off-page digital marketing. This can include email advertising, Google AdWords, and social media marketing.

How We Work

Step 1 – Website Review

An up-to-date, mobile responsive, search engine optimized website is the first step in successful web marketing. That’s why we take a hard look at your website before beginning any marketing campaigns. Our team of web designers, developers and content creators review your website to discover any issues that may be deterring visitors to your site and causing them to leave before converting.

We value our client’s time and money, and we know how quickly both of those can go to waste if your website isn’t performing at it’s best.

First, we perform a website health check. This includes confirming you are receiving your form submissions, all plugins, themes, and WordPress code are functioning and up-to-date, and your website’s overall experience is user-friendly.

Step 2 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After performing any updates needed to make your site user-friendly, we then begin working to make your site Google-friendly.

We scour your website’s content, image alt-text, meta descriptions and more. We spend time engaging with Google Analytics to discover your best opportunities for organic ranking on search engines. Then we implement any content updates to help your website rank and your visitors easily find what they are looking for on your web pages.

“If RGB is building your new website SEO is included in your build.”

Step 3 – Build your Marketing Campaign

Your website is now ready to function as a hub for your selling your products or services, expressing your brand, and increasing conversions. Now it’s time to expand your reach and discover your target audience.

Our Certified Google AdWords Strategist will meet with you to determine your key sellers and create ads specific to your marketing needs. Our graphic designers and newsletter architects create on-brand newsletters that engage your loyal customers with the latest news and sales opportunities. Our social media experts create campaigns to spread your reach across social outlets like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Business page, and more.



Boltz Furniture Mobile Responsive Website
Seah Designs - Graphic and Print Design, Logo Design
Dan Walsh - Realtor Mobile Responsive Website
Marcia Hawken Mobile Responsive Website

It starts with planning the On-page, or website’s Search Engine Optimization known as SEO. Keyword phrases best matching your service or product are discussed early in the planning for your website content. Meta Data and SEO content are implemented during development, once we receive approved content and soon after the launch of a website. Off-Page Marketing is next, maximize the effect.

A well-executed AdWords campaign has the potential to draw qualified leads to your website. The RGB Digital Marketing Strategy is structured to accomplish your business objectives in a logical, step-by-step process from analysis to execution. Once your campaigns are activated, we do not stop. We continually monitor and make necessary adjustments to your AdWords program.

Our AdWords management service is personalized to meet the specific needs of your industry and provides you the freedom to determine the best fit for your marketing budget.

Email marketing targets your visitors and customers with content and graphics that are specific to them. Segmenting your email lists ensures you are delivering the content your subscribers are most interested in.

Don’t let all the Social Media choices bog you down! Depending on your business there is one or several social media products right for you. The first thing is to consult with a qualified web agency to review your visitor analytics and help you determine which social media service is right for you. Facebook & LinkedIn Social Media, TripAdvisor, YouTube, Yelp, BBB & Online Reputations.

Be seen in your best light with professional photography! Tell a great story with Video! Give your customers a tour with Google 360! Since most potential customers search the web before buying or hiring a company it is important to put your best foot forward with captivating imagery. Let RGB help you find the right photographer or videographer for your important project.

*SEO services are not verified or endorsed by Google