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After the site has gone live we stay in close touch with our clients.

How We Work with You

Each RGB team member plays a role in your project.

The typical sequence of events for new website development project starts with a consultation. During this time we listen and gain an initial understanding of your business, your customer type and your competition.

Before the initial consultation ends we assess your practical needs, establish a budget and define the general goals for your web project.

If your job is fairly simple we can often quote you for services during the initial consultation to get you quickly on your way. In some cases and depending on the complexity of the project a meeting or additional consultations may be required.

Next RGB will provide you with a project proposal which outlines the project objectives, menu structure, special features, production schedule and the project cost. When the proposal and terms are accepted by the client your project is officially entered into our schedule.

At that point we set up your online project management log. This log holds comprehensive records, graphics & documentation for each client in our Customer Center. This is used to steer the project and makes sure that everything stays on course and that nothing gets overlooked.

Throughout the design and development processes we like to keep in close touch with our clients and we hold regular project reviews and send email updates. Clients review our work on their new website as it’s being developed, and we always ask for frequent feedback.

Once development is complete we thoroughly test the new website together with our client. Then we go through the implementation process and launch the new site.

After the site has gone live we stay in close touch with our client to monitor your new website to ensure everything is going well. We will also schedule training for our clients to manage the web page menu items, content, forms and service.

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