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Ways to use photography effectively for good web design

Photography continues to play one of the most important roles in good web design. It’s effectiveness is based on a number of things starting with the type of website. Below are a few scenarios and website examples where photography is used resulting in great design.

Many people do not know this, but for most (non ecommerce) websites the “About Us” page is usually in the top 5 of the pages visited and more commonly the second or third most popular page. Visitors want to know who you are and how your company portrays your staff and or employees. Even if you are a team of two or three it is very important you use actual photographs of you or your team. You can do this a number of ways to convey a different message. Below are examples of company About us pages with team shots:

  • Recently launched WORX Golf USA. RGB played the role of Photography for this client. Product and action photos were performed by RGB team web. They were even used in the television and video advertisements. When it comes to photography for your website trust RGB team web. Our team has an extensive background in Fine Art and Multi Media Publishing.
  • Precast Keystone of Naples – – This is a great way to “polish” a team shot. Taking the photo in the work environment, but with the grey scale it looks creative and very cool. Another page that demonstrates the Team in Action is – This is a great way to show interesting aspects of a trade industry. Taking what some would consider a messy labor and presenting it as a work of craftsmanship. Achieving this by using strong angles, heavy lighting and closeups with the camera.
  • Cypress Cycle of Naples – – The goal behind this project was to help visitors recognize the shop from the street. It’s a small building and not the most interesting front. It only took a little time, but by moving some cycles to the front along with tires and a few props from the store to create this great photo. It was so successful that it was used throughout the site in black and white. Again, the use of strong angles and high contrast makes a dramatic impact on the website. To take it a step further the owners and mechanics posed in the shop giving the website visitors an immediate face-to-face value. No matter what type of business you have, if you are proud of what you do and you do it well don’t be camera shy!

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