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#1 Reason to ask Customers for Google Reviews Right Now.

The #1 Reason to Ask Customers for Google Reviews Right Now. | RGB Internet Systems: Naples, Florida Web Design Company

As Florida Web Designers we are often asked for advice on all things web, and one thing all business owners have in common is that they understand how important Google is to their online success. A Google Local Listing lets web searchers easily find your business address, hours, and contact information. It will also show any Google reviews your business has received over the years.

Whenever we launch a new website, or even just meet for a free consultation with a potential new client, we always stress the importance of asking your customers for Google Reviews. What we sometimes hear is that it’s difficult for business owners and their employees to ask for reviews.

We get it, asking your customers for a Google Review can sometimes be a little awkward, especially at first. But here’s the thing: if you are not actively asking customers for reviews you may not know it, but you are playing a very dangerous game. Here’s why:

Your business may be biding time with zero Google reviews, but the second you get one bad review your Google Local Listing is forever changed. Literally. The look of your Google review changes if your business has no reviews and then receives a one-star review.

Your Business Listing with Zero Reviews

Buisness with no Google Review Vs with Google Review | RGB Internet Systems Inc.

Your Business with a One Star Review

Business with 1 star google review | RBG Internet Systems Inc.

Now your business looks like 1-star company, and you’re frantically playing catch-up as you call friends, family, and customers pleading for 5 star reviews to help increase your rating. We cannot stress enough how much you want to avoid this at all costs.

If your business has a Google Local Listing a 1-star Google review is almost an inevitability. You do your best to please everyone, but there is always that one in a million unsatisfied customer. There is also a chance that someone who has never been your customer gives your company a bad review.

How to Ask your Customers for Google Reviews.

There is just no way around this: If you want good reviews you need to ask for them from satisfied customers. We’ve collected some of the ways that have proven successful for us as well as our clients.

Send an Email

After you have completed your service, follow-up via email. Thank your customer for their business and explain that an important company goal is looking for ways to improve, and that filling out a review is a helpful way to receive feedback.

Add a link to the review and let them know that they will need to be logged into a Gmail account in order to leave the review.

Create a hand out

Once you get over your concerns about asking your customers for reviews, the next biggest hurdle will be explaining to your customers how to leave a review. A simple solution for this is to create a handout with instructions.

Train your employees to ask for reviews after service

If your business provides a service at your customers’ homes and businesses, you might want to invest in tablets for your crew. After the service is complete your employees can ask for the review and have the tablet right there to make it simple for them to fill out. As a business owner you know what best what encourages your employees to go that extra mile; for us it’s team parties with great food.

Third Party Online Review Management

Some of our clients have found success utilizing customer review software. These companies use text messaging to encourage clients to leave a review. This method can also prove successful for customers who may be unfamiliar with navigating the Google review process. This software can be pricey but may be worth considering if your customers have trouble posting reviews.

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