Are you a local Florida business and need a website? Myth & Fact

If you are a local Florida business in need of a new or updated website look to the World Wide Web to help your local business thrive!

Local Business Myth 1
“I’m local service company and the only people who search the web are shoppers”. Answer: FALSE.
RGB Response: Local searches happen everyday in Florida! not only from local city customers, but from out of state snowbirds & winter tourists. These are visitors who live in the northern states seeking a service for their 2nd home or while they are planning their vacation.

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“Easy Web Design Service” & Do it Yourself Web Design. Really?

Everyone seems to be jumping into the “web design” business lately. Including Yellow Pages, EZ to Use Blue Book, Intuit, Deluxe Checks and more!! Don’t be fooled into thinking these companies are experienced or even proficient in these services. Most of them are add on services and they are not committed to providing quality products.
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