Facebook at Face Value for Small Business

You don’t need a lot of time to keep your Facebook fresh. If you are a small business and like the concept of Facebook exposure, but don’t feel you have the time, then simply dedicate 10 minutes per week to write a post and upload a snapshot. If you are not sure how to get started then visit Facebook to get started, take a class or consult a social media professional.

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Support your website marketing with traditional media

You may want to consider a variety of ways to support your new website by using traditional marketing medias such as; newspaper ads, telephone directories, local charity event promos, radio and television. Depending on your industry, market conditions, competition, and preferred customer type you can choose which of these medias that will work best for you.

It’s important to clearly define & understand the objective and set goals for any advertisement media. This will help you measure the success of that advertisement. For example if you are introducing a new product you may have more success if you target a very niche type of customer or focus on a specialty of yours to differentiate yourself from other competition. Try not to do everything with one advertisment and try not to ‘fit everything and the kitchen sink’ in a single ad.

Lastly, speak to your web site designer to learn how to track advertisments in other medias to your website. This will give you help determine which work best for you.

Helpful guide to understanding Internet Marketing Sales

This blog was inspired by a few of our clients who have been pitched SEO and Internet Marketing Services.

It seem like everyone is selling SEO services today. Representatives from local telephone media and advertising agencies are selling Internet Marketing and SEO service like never before. Literally everywhere you turn you meet an “SEO Expert”.

If you have been approached and you don’t understand what is being represented to you, we are here to say STOP! If you value your hard earned dollar do not be pressured into purchasing SEO marketing services for Search Engines, unless you get the information you need to understand the services being represented.

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“Easy Web Design Service” & Do it Yourself Web Design. Really?

Everyone seems to be jumping into the “web design” business lately. Including Yellow Pages, EZ to Use Blue Book, Intuit, Deluxe Checks and more!! Don’t be fooled into thinking these companies are experienced or even proficient in these services. Most of them are add on services and they are not committed to providing quality products.
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