We’re Impressed!

RGB team wants to recognize our customers who embrace their role as ‘a blogger’ on their website. We’re Impressed!

No one knows their business like you do, so take the steps to become an authority “In Google Eyes” within you industry. Writing regularly is a great way to contribute to the World Wide Web. Once you get started you will see how easy it is to share valuable ideas, tools, resources or tips for your visitors or customers. It will pay big dividends with your website content. To take it a step further RGB team can connect your Google+ profile with your website Authorship, so you can receive the direct credit for your contributions.

We are pleased because for the first time ever we are seeing a large jump in the number of business owners committing time to write! ! Some are truly amazed how easy it gets and how it can offer them a moment to reflect on an important issue or interesting post about their industry.

Way to go and keep up the good work!

Having trouble with blog topic ideas?

Does the idea of creating interesting topics for your website blog seem daunting?

If so, try this tip. Your customers are your most natural source of ideas! You solve their problems every day. Use a question your customer asks as one of your topic titles. Then respond in your text area. Your knowledge is needed. When you answer a question one of your customers has it can be helpful to others.

Hope this helps!

Just another friendly reminder

Hi Everyone,

Use the month of June to update some of your old website content or add an extra blog or article this month.

Those of you who have portfolio galleries make sure your most recent work is posted! Try not to rely on social media too much. Keep an eye on your own “store front” – Social media creates hype, but your personal or business website can make a difference between loosing an opportunity or closing a lead 🙂

This can pay good dividends and help your site index for new content and result in a spike of your website visitor traffic.

Have a good day!