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Support your website marketing with traditional media

You may want to consider a variety of ways to support your new website by using traditional marketing medias such as; newspaper ads, telephone directories, local charity event promos, radio and television. Depending on your industry, market conditions, competition, and preferred customer type you can choose which of these medias that will work best for you.

It’s important to clearly define & understand the objective and set goals for any advertisement media. This will help you measure the success of that advertisement. For example if you are introducing a new product you may have more success if you target a very niche type of customer or focus on a specialty of yours to differentiate yourself from other competition. Try not to do everything with one advertisment and try not to ‘fit everything and the kitchen sink’ in a single ad.

Lastly, speak to your web site designer to learn how to track advertisments in other medias to your website. This will give you help determine which work best for you.

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