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Episode 13: Recent Updates with Google

On this week’s episode Gabrielle and Justine discuss Google’s move to Mobile First Indexing and what that means for your website’s ranking. Additional topics include: responsive web design, the importance ongoing website support, and what to look for in a a great web design company.

Google Announces Mobile First Indexing

Google has announced that it will give your mobile site priority. Called Mobile First Indexing, this new system will review the mobile version of your website when crawling, indexing, and ranking your website.

What does this mean for your website?

If you have a responsive website built by professional web designers these changes should not affect your website.
Find out if your site in mobile responsive by taking Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test 

If the mobile version of your website was created as an app your website’s ranking may be at risk. If your website looks like, your site is a mobile app.
Another red flag is if your designers hid content on your mobile site to create a condensed experience. All content on your desktop site should be available no matter the screen size.

If your website is slow to load on mobile it can affect your rank. Check your website’s site speed with Google. It’s important to check all of your pages, remember that your home page is not always the entry point for visitors.

Do you know how many people visit your site on a mobile devices? If you have Google Analytics tracking on your website it’s easy to find out

  • Login to your Google Analytics account
  • Navigate to Acquisition, then Search Console, and then Devices
  • Don’t forget to check the date of your report (you can review up to 3 months of Device data)

If you don’t have a Google Analytics Account call us at (239) 403-9966


We would like to add a special thanks to Radio Coaches for providing us with the tools and fundamentals to create our own web design radio show. If you are interested in learning about how Radio Coaches get your business on the air please visit the Radio Coaches Website.

About Our Hosts

Weapon of Choice: Web Design Insights Hour is hosted by company founder and President Gabrielle Marvin. She is joined weekly by her co-host Justine Lavoie, RGB’s Development Director.

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Episode 12: A Little Bit of Everything

On this week’s episode Gabrielle and Justine discuss website themes: how to keep them running safely, knowing when it’s time for a redesign, and getting what you pay for.

What is a theme?

Your website consists of framework which includes the elements that run your website, plugins, and a theme. The theme is essentially the look of your website. As established Florida Web Designers we build the majority of our websites with WordPress themes. Themes are a cost-effective option, but are by no means a short cut. Themes are about creating the right impact for your unique business.

Keeping all the of the elements of your website up-to-date is crucial to the security, functionality, and relevance of a lasting website.
Read More about The Importance of Updating your Website. 

Know when it’s time to start thinking about a new website design

As your website ages it may stop being able to successfully achieve the online goals of your business. Schedule some time every 6 months to review your website goals and confirm that your website is still achieving your objectives and converting real results. If the look of your website feels old compared to that of your competitors this is another sign that it’s time to redesign your site.

A red flag that it’s time to redesign your site now is that your site is not mobile responsive. 

If you think your website may need a redesign, or you are concerned about updates don’t hesitate to contact RGB.
We can analyze your site for functionality, user-experience, and SEO to help you make an informed decision about the next steps for the continual growth of your business online.

  • Updates are critical if you are running an eCommerce Website
  • Business or Service websites should be updated 2-4 times a year depending on the type of updates releases
  • It’s important that website updates be performed by a web designer to avoid compatibility issues

How much do website updates cost?

Our pricing is based on the actual time we need to complete the updates. Whenever possible, this is provided as a fixed cost, broken down by line item. RGB is a relationship company, and transparency in our pricing is key to good relationships.

Episode 11: Search Engine Optimization

SEO goes hand in hand with last week’s topic: Google Analytics. In this episode we define SEO, and touch on some of the fundamentals of great Search Engine Optimization.

Helpful Links:

What is it SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the process that results in your organic ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.

Here’s how it works:

Web crawlers visit your site and look at your content. The type of content that they find allows your site to be indexed for particular topics. Where your site is ranking starts with your content but involves many more factors including mobile responsiveness and page load speed.


On-Page SEO: This refers to all SEO practices performed on your website such as content, meta-data, and site indexing.
Off-Page SEO: When another website mentions and links to your site that is off-page SEO. Links often come from vendor or suppliers, press releases, and news articles.

RGB Tip: Go on Google and Bing and search for your business name. If your website is not at the top of page one give us a call.


The Most Important thing to look for when considering a new SEO Consultant

Web Design Experience

SEO success involves website applications, and it’s the little things that make all the difference. The person who is applying SEO updates on your website needs to know how to correctly add the changes.

Ask your SEO Consultant how they will deal with the following:

Changing the url: They should be able to explain to you that 301 redirects will be necessary
Grabbing the attention of web crawlers: Understanding how to index the site is important here
Ensuring your pages can be crawled: Pages must be set to index; follow

If you are interested in finding out how RGB can improve your SEO contact us today! We’ll do a quick site review during an initial phone call and schedule a free consultation to discuss next steps to improve your SEO.

SEO is a team sport at RGB

Content Developers build a keyword-researched strategy for quality content and meta data
Our Web Development Director discovers opportunities for site-speed optimization and performs the updates
Web Developers perform image optimization
SEO Consultants review data and report on results

Learn more about our team.

Episode 10: The Most Important Thing Your Website is Missing

Hint: it’s Google Analytics. This episode discusses how adding analytics to your website can help you make better business decisions.

Why do I need Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an excellent tool that offers insights to help you make better decisions about growing your business online. And better yet, it’s completely free!
What can I discover about my website with Google Analytics?

  • How effective your newsletter have been at bringing people to your website
  • Unexpected keyword opportunities
  • Watch people interacting with your website in real-time
  • Discover where people are losing interest with your website
  • Learn visitor demographics like age, location, and gender
  • Find out how many visitors view your site on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices

RGB offers a complete Google Analytics experience. If you build your website with us you are invited for quarterly analytics reviews that result in suggestions to improve your site based on real user data. All of our websites include Google Analytics tracking, but if you didn’t build you site with us we are still here to help.

Episode 9: What’s Important After Your New Website Is Online

Find out what you need to do after your website has launched, and how RGB helps.

Post Launch Consultations

After your website has launched, we encourage regular meetings to discuss the following:

  • Tracking your goals
  • Seasonal changes to your website
  • Website additions such as blogs, documents, and SEO content
  • Growth opportunities
  • Pay-per-Click Campaigns
  • Site Speed Optimization Techniques
  • Introductions to new team member

RGB is here to help whenever you need us. Contact us today to get started.

Post Launch Technical Updates

Technical updates are just some of the post launch responsibilities we complete for our clients.

  • Google notifications
  • Hosting & Email
  • Monitoring the health of the server
  • Malware scanning

Current clients, did you hear the secret word on this week’s episode? If so, call us to receive your surprise!

Episode 8: Quoting Your Web Design Project

We take a deep dive into one of the most popular questions we receive: How do you arrive at a price for my website design project?

Pricing for a web design project with RGB is never cookie cutter because every website has unique goals. Our proposals clearly explain what you will receive, a breakdown of cost, and a clear timeline for project completion.

The RGB Proposal Process begins during your Free 1 Hour consultation

  • Gather information needed for brand consistency such as your official business names
  • Discover and resolve any current discrepancies in names and business location
  • Determine a plan to address all purchased domains and redirects required
  • Request one point of contact to avoid confusion and easily discover solutions

Project Overview

As we talk with you we will begin to discover which technologies you will need to achieve your business goals. The type of technologies required will help to determine pricing. We will also discover what makes your business different. This information helps to influence the branding aspect of your website design. Once we determine what you need, we will be able to estimate the amount of time your dedicated web designer will need to build your site. This will also help to determine pricing.

We take the time to learn everything about your company because we believe in long term client relationships.

A large part of building relationships is keeping you informed about your website’s ongoing needs. We can let you know when it’s time to renew your domain names, perform security and functionality updates to your site, and we can even host your website on our secure servers. We are always just a phone call away when you need to discuss next steps for SEO or meet about a new pay-per-click campaign.

Episode 7: Questions Frequently Asked

Our hosts Gabrielle and Justine answer some of the questions we are most frequently asked as a Florida Web Design Company.

What does RGB stand for?

RGB is the color mode used for computer based design. We choose this name because design is one of the key factors that sets us apart as a Florida Web Design Company.

What kind of website do I need?

Many people don’t know what type of website best fits their goals, that’s why our free 1 hour consultation is so important. We help you discover exactly what you are looking for.

How long will it take to build my website?

For the most part, the time it takes is dependent on the size of the site. Smaller sites = faster turnaround, but, in general we can build most sites from start to finish in about 3-4 weeks.

Where do I start?

It all begins with a Free 1 hour consultation. Schedule now!

Will I be able to make changes to my website?

Yes! Our websites use content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, making it easy to add new photos and content to your website. Once your website has launched we offer training to help get you make changes to your website. Of course, we are always here to help.

Does RGB offer web and email hosting?

Yes. In fact, we host most of the websites we build. As stewards of your website, we take the ongoing success of your website very seriously. We take a very proactive approach and inform you when updates are available to help keep your website running and safe.

Who will I be working with on my new website?

During your initial consultation our team will discover the best designer for your new website, you team will be put together, and you will meet them at out Naples web design studio. You will work directly with the person designing your site.

Can I be involved in the Web Design Process?

Of course! In fact, we believe that the more our clients can be involved in the entire web design process, the more successful the website will be.

Does RGB work on website they didn’t build?

We get this question a lot, and the number one reason we are asked is because you need help with your website and your original web designer is nowhere to be found. We always do whatever we can to help you discover your next steps, or point you in the right direction and explain to you the questions you need to ask. This can mean troubleshooting, discovering how to access you website, or just taking the time to explain to you what’s going on.

Will my website work on a phone?

With more and more people accessing websites on their smartphone, we get this question a lot. And the answer is yes. Every website that RGB builds is designed to look great, no matter the screen size.

Episode 6: All About RGB

As the hosts of Weapon of Choice, Gabrielle and Justine bring you tips and information to help you better navigate what it takes for a business to succeed online. They took a little break from the what of it all to focus on the who of it. This episode is all about our web design company, RGB Internet Systems.

Learn More About Each of Our Team Members

The RGB Standard for quality Florida web design
Gabrielle Marvin – Founder & President
Justine Lavoie – Development Director
Robyn Grimaldi – Team Director
Samantha Klindt – Web Designer
Alexa Taddeo – Web & Graphic Designer
Christine Fuller – Web & Graphic Designer
Chandra Hoppe – SEO & Content Writer
Debbie Grimaldi – Digital Advertising Specialist

Explore Our Web Design Services

Learn More About Us

Episode 5: eCommerce Website

On this week’s episode our hosts are talking all about eCommerce Website Design. Topics include: eCommerce websites, online shops.

What is an eCommerce Website?

Any website that accepts payments, sells, or distributes a product in any way is considered an eCommerce website.
eCommerce Websites service a variety of sales needs

  • Online Bill Payment
  • Membership & Event Registration
  • Automatic Subscription Services
  • Catalog Websites: Some websites (such a catalogs) may use an eCommerce site for functionality reasons, without making use of the selling aspects.
  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems
  • Gift Certificates

Do you need an eCommerce website, but don’t know where to start? Read part 1 of our eCommerce blog series: Goals & Budget Questionnaire or call us now to schedule a free one hour consultation.

The difference between Third Party Hosted and Self Hosted Websites

Third Party eCommerce Hosting means you pay monthly for access to the software (Shopify, Wix, Big Commerce) that offers your website and is responsible for hosting, security, choosing a merchant account.
If you have your website hosted through a 3rd party you may not be able to take your website with you if you want to make a change.

Self-Hosted eCommerce websites give you the responsibility over your site, and the freedom to choose a web host. Self-hosted websites can be built with WordPress and a WooCommerce plugin, or for a more custom website you may want to consider Magento.

The best way to determine what type of website you need is to sit down with your web designer and determine what site features and administrative tools are important to you, and let your answers discover the platform you will need.

RGB can help you discover the type of eCommerce website is right for you during our free one-hour consultation. How do we do it? We listen to you!

Read Part 2 of our eCommerce blog series: Choosing the Right eCommerce Web Hosting Platform

Episode 4: Web Design For Your Community

On this week’s episode our hosts are talking all about HOA and Condo Association web design. Topics include: homeowner association web design, condo association web design, association websites for property managers

Why does my HOA need a website?

If your community does not appear in search results, or if the search results that do appear is not represented by your Homeowner Association, ask yourself, who is currently representing your community online?

  • Does your community appear in the map result?
  • Does the wrong website appear?
  • Are community reviews misrepresenting your community?
  • Take the first step and search for your community on Google 

If you are concerned with the result, or have any questions, don’t worry, RGB is here to help. Give us a call during business hours: Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm, or fill out our contact form and ask for a complete assessment of your current standing.

A HOA website represents your community, the way you want it to be seen.

The most important reason for an HOA website is to put the control of your community’s reputation in the hands of those who care about it the most – the homeowners. A website makes it easy to inform your owners and provide the private documentation about:

    • Community events and renovations
    • Rules & Regulations
    • Contact Information for Board Members
    • Bylaws
    • Budgets
    • Meeting Minutes

You can also attract new owners and make it easy for realtors with a website that provides public access to applications for purchase, lease, and rental, as well as community rules and regulations.

Finding web designers with experience in HOA Web Design

What to look for in your homeowner and condo association web designer

  • Look for a local web designer who understands the uniqueness of the Naples area, as well as the real estate market. They should be interested in visiting your community to get a better understanding of your uniqueness.
  • Ask them if they have experience in HOA Web Design. Do they understand the difference between the requirements of a condo association and that of a homeowners’ association? We they be able to easily transition to working with a new team as board members change?
  • Request to view a portfolio of their most recent HOA Website Design examples. Look for modern designs, and visit the sites, checking for functionality.
  • Ask if they offer additional services that assist in all online aspects of your homeowners’ association. This can include newsletters, email and website hosting, graphic design, even presentations to your board members.
  • Who owns my website? This is very important because a lot of HOA websites are paid for monthly, and once you stop paying you lost the site. Make sure your web designer gives you your website.
  • What is the cost? Look for a HOA web designer who is transparent in the cost

RGB has been building successful and secure HOA websites since 2001. Call us today to discover how our dedication can result in your online growth.

Episode 3: When It’s Time For A New Website

Join RGB’s President Gabrielle Marvin and Development Director Justine Lavoie as they discuss the basics and the details to help you on your journey to create your business website. Topics include: business website design, how to find the right web design company, what kind of website do I need.

The first steps

Your business is unique, take the time to think about what sets your business apart.

      • What are your goals and objectives?
      • Think about your website’s current state of affairs (what’s going right/what’s going wrong)
      • Ask your customers how they feel about your website (is it easy for them to find what they need?)
      • Look at similar business websites, see what your competition is doing.
      • Also, think about your internal business. What businesses processes could help to make your website more efficient?

      Save time by finding all the information your web design team will need.

      • Search down all of those pesky passwords (website login, third party accounts, registrar) so you can easily give your web team access to your sites.
      • Create a snapshot of the current state of your business online.
        • List any websites you currently have.
        • Search your business name and make note of the listings that feature your business information.
        • Don’t forget social media. List your social media – and take note of the last time you updated each account.
        • Most importantly, don’t be concerned about what you don’t know. We are always here to help. Give us a call during business hours: Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm, or fill out our contact form and ask for a complete assessment of your current standing.

      Starting The New Year Right

      Navigating all those marketing & SEO company calls

      Marketing & SEO companies are calling you all of the time. We know because they are calling us too.

      • Always be cautious of telemarketers. Do the research to discover who is really doing the work. Most of these companies will farm the work out of the country.
      • Do not give them access to your website unless you completely trust them. Your web designer will be able to help you understand how much access you should give to third party groups. Many thirds parties will try to convince you that access is a small thing. We are here to tell you that it isn’t.

      Signs that your web designer genuinely cares about your business

      They aren’t giving out the keys to your kingdom.
      Be wary of a designer who openly gives access to everyone who asks for it. A good designer knows that too many hands on the dashboard (website lingo for the internal workings of your website), can lead to a lot of problems. Make sure your web designer knows that you must approve all access requests.
      Ask the following questions:
      Who has access to my website?
      Are they qualified to make changes?
      Is the work being done in the U.S.?
      Who is in control of who has access to my website?

      They are asking for a point-person.
      Oftentimes, many people are involved in the design of your website, but a good web designer will request one point person. This avoids all sorts of issues with requests being asked by one person, and others not knowing why it was done. One point person saves time and avoids costly confusions.

      They backup your website.
      Even when you take precautions there is always a chance that the unexpected can happen. A web designer who cares will have a backup of your website available should anything happen and your site needs to be returned to a previous state.

      Do you know who has access to your website right now? We can help.


Michael Ryon of Radio Coaches was our special guest for this episode.

Our relationship began when Radio Coaches came to us looking for a web design team to build a website as unique as their idea: provide coaching services to small businesses looking for a unique outlet to discuss their services or products. The idea was so exciting to us that we took advantage of his services and that’s how RGB’s radio show came to be.


Episode 2: Your Local Business Listing

Join RGB’s President Gabrielle Marvin and Development Director Justine Lavoie as they discuss your business’s local listing. Topics include: Google and Bing Local local listings, setting up and claiming your Google local listing.

Do you already have a local business listing?

Find out by searching for your business name.
Visit Google and Bing search pages and search for your name.

Has your business ever been listed under a different name? Search for that name as well.

Don’t see a business listing?

Get started on Google 

Get started on Bing

When filling out your business information consider the following:

  • Are you using your full business name?
  • Is your address correct?
  • Are your hours listed?
  • Will you need to update your hours for holidays?
  • Is your websites using the direct url?
  • Is your business category correct?

Learn more about Google Posts

Interested in Google 360 Photography?

Find a trusted Google Pro Near you

Michael Ryon of Radio Coaches was our special guest for this episode.

Our relationship began when Radio Coaches came to us looking for a web design team to build a website as unique as their idea: provide coaching services to small businesses looking for a unique outlet to discuss their services or products. The idea was so exciting to us that we took advantage of his services and that’s how RGB’s radio show came to be.


Episode 1 – Your Web Presence

Check My Website Speed

Click on the link above and you will be taken to Google’s Site Speed test page. Once there simply enter your url and click analyze. If you have any questions about the results, or want to know how to improve them feel free to contact us. 

Google Best Practices SEO Guide

Get the most from your website by following Google’s Best Practices for SEO. Click below to download the document. And don’t worry. If you are feeling overwhelmed we’re always here to help. Schedule an SEO consultation with us today.

Learn More About

Mobile Responsive Website Design
Http to https SSL conversion

Michael Ryon of Radio Coaches was our special guest for this episode.

Our relationship began when Radio Coaches came to us looking for a web design team to build a website as unique as their idea: provide coaching services to small businesses looking for a unique outlet to discuss their services or products. The idea was so exciting to us that we took advantage of his services and that’s how RGB’s radio show came to be.