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KEIL Anchor Systems for Advanced Building

KEIL Innovative anchoring systems are a modern wonder. They are a well-proven sub structure attachment system that are literally changing the construction industry as we know it today.

What is the KEIL Anchor?

The KEIL anchor was developed for mechanical, non adhesive concealed anchoring for different facade cladding materials. The anchor is used worldwide in the facade industry for rain screen, wall cladding, exterior and interior facades.

The KEIL anchor is the perfect choice for architects and designers when specifying thin materials and non visible attachments. No “soiling” or dirt and rust streaks on the face of the facades as the attachment components are suited at the rear.

Use natural stone; granite, marble, lime stone, sandstone, jura stone and slate with a minimum thickness of 20mm – It can also be sued with ceramic and porcelain tile starting with a thickness of 7mm.

For more information on this advanced “mushroom” anchor contact KEIL today at 239/598-3737

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