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Helpful guide to understanding Internet Marketing Sales

This blog was inspired by a few of our clients who have been pitched SEO and Internet Marketing Services.

It seem like everyone is selling SEO services today. Representatives from local telephone media and advertising agencies are selling Internet Marketing and SEO service like never before. Literally everywhere you turn you meet an “SEO Expert”.

If you have been approached and you don’t understand what is being represented to you, we are here to say STOP! If you value your hard earned dollar do not be pressured into purchasing SEO marketing services for Search Engines, unless you get the information you need to understand the services being represented.

No two businesses are a like. It is our experience that it takes more than a 30 minute sales call to understand and asses any business not to mention their marketing needs. It is necessary to establish objectives with equal understanding between vendor and client.If an Internet Marketing program is not tailored to meet their specific goals then it does not matter how many impressions, click through s or contacts made because they are not necessarily the right fit for your product or service.

Guideline for finding qualified and good SEO services:

  • Interview several SEO persons/companies.
  • Take your time! Even if you are pressured.
  • Get References!
  • Seek consultation from professionals.

Warning Signs:

  • You don’t understand the services.
  • You feel confused about the services.
  • You don’t understand the pricing.
  • Poorly written proposals.
  • No proposal, only an invoice or contract.
  • Sales person has not asked enough about your market.

We hope this helps and want you to know we empathize with business owners who are seeking straight talk but only get jargon.




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