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Get your ducks in a row

If you are preparing to speak to a web designer about updating your website, replacing your website or a new website there is information they will need. If you are prepared it will help you make best use of your time with your web consultant.

  • Test and write down important access information for your domain registrar, current hosting company, Google account or any of your accounts that will integrate with your website.
  • Take a good look at your current website(s) and check each page. Determine if you are getting your email contacts from the website.
  • List  or be ready to speak about any competition.
  • Gather any photos that would be useful to the website
  • Write down any specific questions you want to ask
  • List what makes your service or product stand out from the others. What makes you unique.
  • Be prepared to talk about your customer types
  • Begin to gather testimonials from happy customers
  • If you already have Google Analytics or Webmaster’s account have your log in information.
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