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Google Analytics GA4 Property

Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. Google is making available its next-generation system Analytics 4 (GA4).

This is a big deal for anyone who uses their Google Analytics data to improve their website content. RGB has already started transitioning our clients to the new setup as already we have noticed a few intermittent issues with available data from Universal Analytics.

What are the differences with the new GA4 Property? Below are just a few feature changes
1. You will be able to track across both your web and your App

Previously, you had to use Google Analytics for your website tracking and a separate system for Apps.

2. Enhanced measurements based on events.
Previously, GA just tracked basic events automatically and anything else had to be set up manually in GA and in Google Tag Manager. Google provides some presets for page views, downloads, link tracking, etc., but,  you can set up custom events for very specific user interactions.  This is very helpful for marketers.

3. Behavior flow is now the buyer journey

This allows you to better visualize the buyer for eCommerce or other monetary event types. journey and understand the flow users take on your website.

4. Custom reports have become explores
They are much more user-friendly in that you can easily choose segments to work with and then add dimensions + metrics —— which sort of just enables simpler more flexible analysis. It isn’t a huge difference in functionality, but it is easier to use.

5. No cost Query Export
In Universal Analytics you had to upgrade to GA 360 in order to export the raw data, but now in GA4 can export raw event-level data for free to BigQuery. This is extremely helpful in instances where you use data for warehouse instances or other data mining platforms.

In summary, GA4 does take some getting used to. Set up is tricking and it is important the Search Console is connected from the start with the indexed URL. There are many tutorials (We suggest watching videos produced by Google The new GA4 is definitely more powerful.  You can actually run both

A bit of warning when Google rolls out new features there are often bugs in the beginning, so be prepared before any client meetings just in case the data is not available the moment you need it!

MOST IMPORTANT – Don’t wait to be forced to make the change, be proactive and get better insights today!

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