My domain name registration expired, Help!

My domain name registration expired, Help!

The worst possible thing that could happen on a Friday afternoon is heading over to your website just to discover that it is down. One of the most common reasons a website can be unreachable is domain name registration expiration.

What’s the difference between domain name registration and web hosting?

Domain name registration is for your domain name only. Web hosting is for the website that lives at that domain. It’s kind of like the title/registration for your vehicle. Just because you keep your registration up to date, doesn’t mean your vehicle is running well.

What happens if my domain name registration expires?

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Who are you?

Who are you?

On the web where transparency is everything, take a look at your website and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my website clearly reflect my company services and capabilities?
  • Does my website include my business credentials, licenses, awards?
  • Does my website convey myself, staff or team members accurately with current photos?

These are easy questions to ask yourself and identify the answer. Remember, once the search engines find you and a visitor clicks on your website link, it’s your time to shine. It’s your moment one to one. Talk to your web designer about this and see if they can help you with any updates to your website.

Hope this was helpful.

Having trouble with blog topic ideas?

Does the idea of creating interesting topics for your website blog seem daunting?

If so, try this tip. Your customers are your most natural source of ideas! You solve their problems every day. Use a question your customer asks as one of your topic titles. Then respond in your text area. Your knowledge is needed. When you answer a question one of your customers has it can be helpful to others.

Hope this helps!

Are you a local Florida business and need a website? Myth & Fact

If you are a local Florida business in need of a new or updated website look to the World Wide Web to help your local business thrive!

Local Business Myth 1
“I’m local service company and the only people who search the web are shoppers”. Answer: FALSE.
RGB Response: Local searches happen everyday in Florida! not only from local city customers, but from out of state snowbirds & winter tourists. These are visitors who live in the northern states seeking a service for their 2nd home or while they are planning their vacation.

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