Small business web design is big business

Understanding a small business is the first step in designing a productive website. Many web designers use a “stock” form they ask their potential customers to fill out, but RGB Team Web believes you need more than that to build a unique website that will create more leads. You need to KNOW your client.

Some basic questions that need to be answered & completely understood by a web designer before a website strategy/design can be developed are:

How long has the small business been in business?

Is it locally owned and operated?

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Thinking of joining the Better Business Bureau?

An associate was contacted by the Better Business Bureau “BBB”to become an accredited member. This company “X” has been servicing Marco Island for over 30 years. The BBB wanted to charge them over $3,000 for an annual membership. Our first question is why so much? Apparently the BBB charges you based on the total number of employees you have. While we did not think that was fair we continued to list out the pros and cons of membership.

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