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Breaking Down the Business Brand

This blog topic was created in preparation for an upcoming RGB new consultation. The client who sells a beautiful high end custom product, is looking for answers and ideas. Currently they have tried a few traditional advertising concepts using print, radio and direct marketing. The campaigns continue to convey their product uniqueness and quality.

Understanding how to break down your business brand targeting specific demographic and geographic groups is the next step in brand evolution. Geico Insurance is one of the original players of this technique. by using different characters in their commercials some which appeal to a more conservative humerus group “The Gecko” and others that appeal to a younger or trendy group of individuals “The Cave Man” or “Happier Than A….”. Branding the same product with the same fundamental message, but with a distinctively different approach. Another example is Anheuser Bush new Bud Light campaign #upforwhatever. It’s a campaign specifically designed to get a reaction and create loyalty or information to help them drive it to the next level.

After the initial campaigns run they can become more detailed with variations of the and with the intention of creating loyal followers to those advertisements.

How will this help our potential client? We will bring this topic up in a meeting to discuss their ads and determine if they are trying to fit everyone in the same group and if so, they are loosing the opportunity to ‘connect with the right groups their way’.

My father always said “If someone is not understanding or responding positively to your message try a different way to communicate the same message” Thanks Dad! Remember, it’s not up to your visitors to understand you, It’s up to you to get your visitors to know you understand them.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. More to come on this topic

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