Finding a good price for a website design or development


Answering the important question new clients ask us about our pricing…. We hope this web pricing blog will help you understand what we believe are determining factors in determining a good price website design and development quotes.

It’s interesting to think businesses still are catching on to the idea of professional web design and it’s related costs. In this era we have college graduates who have concentrated majors in the field of mufti-media, web design and development. Not to be confused with the general term “Information Technology”. Although web design and development are usually tied to “IT”, Information Technology is very broad and does not necessarily mean that the person is knowledgeable in the field of web design and development.

Price you are quoted for web services is in, our daily experience is based on one key factor – Time. Time is calculated based on the needs of any given project and how much is what increases or decreases the cost. Below are seven areas that need consideration x Time.

  1. Uniqueness of Project: Brick and Mortar or New Online Business/Concept. x Time.
  2. Size of Project: Local, Regional, National, International, Global. x Time.
  3. Creative, Strategy, Research or Planning, Management. x Time.
  4. Software Required: Basic/Advanced/Custom. x Time.
  5. Supply & Demand of Time and Talent. x Time.
  6. Website Hosting/Software Updates. x Time.
  7. Ongoing: Management for ongoing support, content updates, SEO, Promotions, Newsletters x Time.

The above seven major areas of a project determine how much time is needed either to plan the project or complete the project. Determining a good price for your website can be based on these fundamental areas. These are just a few of the areas that need to be considered. Experience and a great track record of web design and development is very important when you evaluate web design companies and their pricing policies. How organized is the company. Are they taking the time to accurately plan the job or do they try to get you to “sign up” on the spot?

The web industry is experiencing a boom that clearly separates the novice web designer and the professionals in the industry of web design and development. This web boom does effect the price of web design services. There are only a limited number of educated professionals in the industry today.Don’t make a mistake by underestimating the needs for your project. Large or small. A trustworthy team and a good accurate plan will help you achieve a return on your investment! And sometimes the smallest web services such as updating your local business listing can make a huge impact.