Are you a local Florida business and need a website? Myth & Fact

If you are a local Florida business in need of a new or updated website look to the World Wide Web to help your local business thrive!

Local Business Myth 1
“I’m local service company and the only people who search the web are shoppers”. Answer: FALSE.
RGB Response: Local searches happen everyday in Florida! not only from local city customers, but from out of state snowbirds & winter tourists. These are visitors who live in the northern states seeking a service for their 2nd home or while they are planning their vacation.

Local Business Myth 2
“I have a great business, but my facility, office, warehouse will look terrible on the web. I can’t compete with the large chains”. Answer: FALSE
RGB Statement: “It does not take a rocket scientist to know that buying locally in Florida directly benefits and helps local community thrive. If you buy local it is a fact that a larger percentage of the money you spend gets circulated locally. Many shoppers are interested in their cities economical growth and support local businesses.”
RGB Response:
Now that we have established a position how does one best represent small Florida businesses on the web?

  1. Define the type of business – Are your services Year Round or Seasonal
  2. Identify your main competition – Even if it is Home Depot, Walmart or Large Chain
  3. Be yourself, If you are a small business that does not mean you are less capable. In fact you are likely MORE capable of adjusting your prices, making quick decisions and making your customer and visitor feel welcome. A good example is The Naples Millwork Shop. You can imagine with Home Depot, Lowes and many other builder supply companies to compete with, how does The Naples Millwork Shop do it? They simply present themselves realistically, with good information and the fact that they have been an established Naples business since 1951 is very appealing to the local customers. Another seasonal small business website Bonita Boat Rentals a great local business!

Local Business Myth 3

“I don’t have the budget to plop down thousands of dollars on a website made by professionals… so I’ll do it myself” Answer: FALSE and DANGEROUS BELIEF!
RGB Answer: If you had a heart condition would you operate on yourself? There are so many good reasons to use a professional web team and not try to build your own website it would take forever to list!! At one time maybe yes it was an option, but certainly not today. Visitors today have very high expectations of websites. Not only from a usability standpoint but first impressions are very important. Are you a graphic designer, content writer, programmer? If not leave it to the professionals.

To answer your question about the cost for local Florida business websites we are very fortunate and other long time web design companies) are able to offer payment plans to help you. It is EQUALLY important to the RGB team that your local Florida website produce results for you!! Currently we get 2 calls a week from people who tried to build their own website and realized they need a professional.

Learn more about How We Work with our local Florida customers. Be all you can be on the web with people who truly care about your success! Thanks, and have a wonderful day.