Small business web design is big business

Understanding a small business is the first step in designing a productive website. Many web designers use a “stock” form they ask their potential customers to fill out, but RGB Team Web believes you need more than that to build a unique website that will create more leads. You need to KNOW your client.

Some basic questions that need to be answered & completely understood by a web designer before a website strategy/design can be developed are:

How long has the small business been in business?

Is it locally owned and operated?

What service or products are sold?

Is it a seasonal business? What is the business cycle?

Who is the local competition? (Even if it is a large chain store)

What are the businesses customers like?

What type of customer does the business prefer?

What is most important to convey to your potential customer?

…and so on.

We will use ourselves as an example. RGB Internet Systems, Inc. is a small business (at the moment). Our company specializes in building websites for small to medium size businesses. Everything from local boat rentals to MIL spec manufactures, so how did we approach building our website? We will answer the same questions as above.

How long has the small business been in business? Since 2001 we are relatively old in the web design industry, so this is important to convey.

Is it locally owned and operated? Yes, RGB is locally owned and operated, however they also design and develop websites outside the local marketplace.

What service or products are sold? Web consultation, Web design, Web Development and Internet Marketing

Is it a seasonal Business? No, however we understand that Florida businesses have a season, so we plan to create websites and strategies that will work for seasonal customers and out of state snowbirds.

Who is the local competition? There are currently 3 companies with brick and mortar buildings who offer similar services in our area. One focuses on word press development and SEO as their core business and the others are small one or two person businesses. The owner is actually the designer and developer. Strangely there is no other company besides RGB that employs college graduates in the field of web design.

What are the business customers like? Most of our customers have little knowledge of the web development industry, so we do everything we can to communicate with them and explain to them important factors in NON technical terms.

What type of customers does RGB prefer? Hard working nice people who do a great job in their respective field, industry or local business.

What is most important to convey to your potential customer? That RGB is a dedicated team of web & graphic designers. That we are affordable and offer payment options to get you on your way with a new website! That we employ our staff and that every member of the RGB team will be involved and play a critical role in your project. And that we will be here year after year to help you grow even further.

So we answered just a few of our own small business web design questions. Now what? Well since you are reading this you will can see that our website is bright and cheery (not overly technical, with lots of ridiculous words that really don’t mean anything to the end customer. We highlight our Teams talent.That we emphasize variety and uniqueness with our portfolio of work. That we are inviting and friendly, offering free consultations face to face. And finally that we have a track record for success…. customer testimonials.

If you are ready to build a website for your small business no matter what town you are in please give RGB a call and contact us. You will be glad you did.