Practicing what we Preach

Our clients know the RGB team is busy with a variety of important projects, but we are taking the time to practice what we preach by adding a new blog this week. Our topic today is about the important aspect of FOCUS & CONCENTRATION when working on your website. How to get the most out of 5 minutes or 50 when working on your website.

No matter how small the update to your website take a few minutes to focus on what your intention is for the blog, graphic, article re-write or other improvement you plan to make. As a side not; It’s important to estimate the time I you believe your task will take before you begin. This way when you are finished you can compare your estimated time with your actual time. Also, and if it is relevant to the objective, think about how you will track it’s effectiveness.

So now you are ready to begin. When it comes to adding or modifying your site content concentration without interruption goes a long way. Try not to be in an environment where you are easily distracted. Unlike a “Tweet”, quality content writing can be less effective if you can’t complete, or are rushed through. Watch out for multiple spelling errors. Every now and again it is natural to come across a typo, but good grammar and spelling will earn you the respect of many levels of readers. Take time to re-read your content to be sure your point comes across clearly and accurately. Avoid assumptions unless it is part of the topic.

Have a means to measure the results of your work. Whether it be a review, contact form, tracking system, unique telephone or other method is important.