Google Analytics… An amazing tool!

For those of you who have been paying attention to your Google Analytics reports over the years the new Google Analytics v5 is truly an amazing tool! Hats off to the Google team once again. The basic goal behind the new version is to help “normal” users get more information with intuitive new features. These features help with clarity and understanding the data you are receiving. All in a more efficient and time saving way.

Some of the new features in the Google v5 are:

  • Multiple Dashboard Configurations – Customize your dashboard overview. Get the information that is most relevant for sales, marketing or other. Very user friendly with sleek widgets and drag & drop features.
  • Event Goals – A great addition and a very important tool for mobile applications and long asked for by many Analytics users. Have a video and want to know who paused, fast-forward or replayed the video? Now you can measure these as goals. Wow! Nice job Google team!
  • New Plot Rows – Select any rows in your report to compare. Compare user browsers growth. Are my visitors using Chrome, Firefox, IE… what is the rate or trend? You can use Plot Rows for any section of the Google Analytic reports.
  • Fast Profile Switching – This is a great tool for sites that have more than one profile. For example you may have various landing pages on separate URL’s that you are tracking the same date range or data. Now it is really easy to switch from one profile to another and keep your same settings. Google engineers are simply amazing!
  • Bookmark Pages – Now you can bookmark important pages of your Analytics that you frequent. Saving time.
  • Simple Goal Creation – This is in response to those who set goals for tracking. Google team created “auto-completion”. Often you are setting a goal from one URL to another, but you forget the URLs. Now as you are typing the report will give you auto-fill of the URLs which makes it easier and again faster to get your reports set up to best benefit your objectives.
  • Intuitive Reports – Who would have thought they could improve on an already great system. Well Google can! Google has consolidated the context of the reports to the upper left hand corner. Including visual pie charts for better impact.

Google’s insight and commitment to their users is the fundamental basis for the new Google Analytics v5. Helping businesses, web design teams, and marketing teams work more efficiently and gain greater information quick and easy.

So again Hats off to the Google team! For more information and to hear it from Google watch this Analytics v5 video. It includes everything written in this article.

If you do not have Google Analytics tracking contact your web design or marketing team. You are missing out on important information about your visitors. Stay ahead of your competition by using these free and amazing tools!